("Ociman", version 7, 06.06.2010, 07:00:26)

The "Ociman" program designed for manual digitizing paper-based information. The program permits you to digitize diagrams, maps and charts.

A diagram can contain no more than 8 curves, the number of objects on the map shouldn't exceed 1000. Source images must be submitted in the form in standard file formats "bmp", "jpg" or "gif". The output is saved as a text file containing a table of values with fixed-length fields. You can also save the graphic image of the digitization object.

You can download and install the program for digitizing on your computer for free and test its work on your own data model. But you can't save the result of your work before you will pay and register this program.

Because the interface of program is made in Russian, more information (and download) is better to look at the Russian program description page.