(На русском: Научные статьи)

In this section you can read the scientific articles written by me over the years. These articles are either related to my official scientific work, or are the result of my own research, reflections, analysis, etc. The main themes of my own research is the psychology (and other aspects of biology), philosophy, sociology, etc.

Observe the copyright - do not spread the texts of these articles! Please, spread the links to this section or article listed below.

All articles were written in Russian.


  1. About interaction of people
    The first article of the "trilogy". This article contains the author's theory of interpersonal relationships (friendship, love, marriage, etc.). The free test of people's compatibility was created on the basis of this article.

  2. What is "sex"?
    The second article of the "trilogy". This article contains the author's opinion on the problem of early sex, the attitude of society to this issue and about the nature of intimate relationships.

  3. Family relations at the current stage
    The third article of the "trilogy". In this article, I consider family relationships, types of families (with detailed classification), parenting issues, etc.

  4. Thoughts about ethology and its application
    This is a review of the A.Protopopov's "Treatise on the Love". Thoughts about interpersonal relationships in terms of ethology.

  5. Children: yesterday, today, tomorrow
    Article about childhood, about the free time of children, children's games at different times. In some measure it's a continuation of the article about family relationships.

  6. Mind in nature
    This is philosophical article about mind, his definition of the criteria and exactly who possesses them.

  7. Man as an atom
    Article about the similarity of the structure of the atom and of man in society.

  8. Stages of human formation
    To some extent, this is a continuation of the article about the mind. My views on the formation of various aspects of consciousness are outlined, the main stages of life are considered, as well as other related issues.


  1. Image analysis: a person or a computer?
    Article is devoted to the history of image analysis and the analysis method, created with the participation of the author. Description created program can be found on the page about the method PSEMIA.