("Wmeste", version 7, 15.10.2012, 07:00:10)

The program is a test to qualitatively and quantitatively verify the compatibility of two people. The program determines the number characterizing the different types of compatibility (friendship, love and marriage) by answers to the questions and provides commentary to results.

The test allows qualitatively assess your compatibility with a specific person and quantitatively compare your compatibility with different people to make informed choice between them (for example, selecting a crew and even to select the bride or groom).

The test is based on the author's theory of interpersonal relations. The test's creation took three years, since then the program was used by many people. Take this test seriously, if you want to get serious result.

This compatibility test registered with the government. The author's rights protected by the relevant laws and international agreements. It isn't allowed to use elements or fragments of this test without of this program.

This version is free, the language of its work is Russian. If you want to use it, read the description in Russian, link to download is there.