It is known that most people, both men and women, are very interested in the parameters of their figure. It's not only interesting to know your characteristics, but sometimes very useful.

Of course, all values of the human figure calculated here, are approximate and sometimes controversial. But they are taken from official sources, and the author of the service shall not be responsible for conformity between the results of calculations and expectations of the owner of the figure.

    On this page you can define the following parameters:
  1. Ideal body weight for their age, gender and height
  2. Proportion of fat in the body (in % and kg)
  3. The mass of water in the body
  4. Approximate density of the body
  5. Volume of the body
  6. Estimated body surface area
To determine these parameters you need to know your height in centimeters (L), current weight in kilograms (M), and your age in years (B).

Enter your height in centimeters L:
Enter your weight in kilograms M:
Enter your age in years B:
Specify your gender: - male, or - female
To get the result, press the button  

(To recalculate just change the desired settings)

Warning! This method uses a conservative approach to the average quality of the bodies, but everyone is different. You can also go through Ayurvedic test and in compliance with your individual constitution pick up a diet and way of life.

The results of calculations received here, just contain interesting information about your body. For example, by density of your body you can find out how easy you will swim.