Petrophysical characteristics from analysis of SEM images (PSEMIA)

PSEMIA method is actualized as software for IBM PC, which analyzes SEM-images of sedimentary rocks of all genetic types (grain size from psammites to pelites inclusive), irrespective of any other characteristics or conditions that could prevent determination of the following petrophysical parameters:

  • Total porosity
  • Static and dynamic porosity
  • Producible porosity
  • Median pore aperture (pore-connection)
  • Permeability (corresponds to gaseous)
  • Average pore size
  • Coefficients representing pore shapes
  • Differentiation of system on 11 pore types
source image     pore space     pore types

    Results are represented as ready images, colour graphics and text files:

  • Chart of pore aperture
  • Histogram of pore group distribution
  • Curves of pore shape factor
  • Table of pore characteristics

Objectivity of generation of topographic structure of 3D surface in PSEMIA method is justified by compatibility of results of analysis with conventional methods of petrophysical measurements.

Major advantage of PSEMIA software is the possibility to obtain many numeral characteristics of reservoir quality from one sample of core or cuttings.

Low available illustrations for this method, also see detailed Presentation of PSEMIA-method.

chart of pore aperture histogram of pore group distribution curves of pore shape factor relief of pores

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