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This free utility is used to correct data in text files containing information in the form of columns of equal width. In particular, such files are the results of some digitization programs.

Sometimes the results of digitization need to be adjusted due to changed requirements or errors found. The ideal option is to re-digitize the source material, but this is not always possible and not always justified.

This utility is written out of practical need and is used to make small changes to text files with digitization results. For example, shifting the values of individual columns by a constant factor.


When you start the program asks the size of the width of the columns in the files. For results generated by "Ociman", leave the default value of 15.

After launch, you should select the option to work (the whole file or fragments).

Next, upload the file. The program will determine the number of columns in it automatically.

If processing of the entire file is selected, then press the 'Start' button and enter the type of operation and correction for each column (a hint with the column number will be visible).

After execution, the file must be saved. You can then download the next one. After pressing 'Start' enter new parameters, or leave the old ones.

If processing by fragments is selected, then the contents of the loaded file will be displayed in the text window. Moving in the file is possible only with the help of a vertical "scroll" by mouse.

Attention! The program will automatically increase the size of the text output field depending on the current number of columns. Don't try to do it manually!

To specify the desired fragment of the file, select the first and last line of the fragment. (The first is a left mouse click while holding down the `Ctrl` key, the last one is a click while holding down the `Alt` key). In this case, the values of the selected rows will be reflected in the "Adjustment Items" frame.

Then press 'Start' and enter processing parameters. Then select a new fragment, press 'Start' and so on.

After the operation is completed, the file must be saved. You can then download the next one.

As you can see, the program allows you to correct several columns at once in one session with a fragment (partial or complete file).

Attention! If you don't want to do anything for this column, select "Do nothing"! Be attentive!

The program is intended for free distribution. To work, you must have the "msvbvm60.dll" library on your computer (included with the latest releases of Windows).

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