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The Earth, as we know, has approximately the shape of a ball. But maps of the earth's surface are always created on a plane. Spherical surface can't be transferred to a plane without distortion. So has long there are different transfer system of geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude) in rectangular, expressed in meters.

There are a variety of rectangular coordinates, but in the international surveying practice the most popular system UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator). In this system, the surface of the Earth is divided into 60 zones in 6 degrees each. The zones is elongated in the meridional direction. The error in the subpolar zone is too large and other options apply.

Translation of latitude and longitude to UTM allows, in particular, to carry out calculations of distances with ordinary addition and subtraction. However, we must remember that the coordinates of points located in different zones will be the same. For some reason, in this system has not selected the zero point of the coordinates and all distances are measured from the actual start of the zone.

Because of this feature, a direct conversion of latitude and longitude coordinates in UTM is not difficult, but a reverse translation (from UTM into geographic coordinates) requires mandatory indication of the number of zone, where the facility is located. However, the inverse problem is much less demand ...

On this page you can download a free program to convert geographic coordinates in UTM. The program does not require installation and consists of a single executable file "geo2utm.exe", size of 32768 bytes.

The program has three modes of operation: manual, file and buffer. In manual mode, the original values of latitude and longitude are entered manually. File mode allows the unit to handle the original values by reading it from a text file, the result is placed in the file. Buffer mode works with the data from the clipboard of Windows.

The program has a built-in help, which described in detail work in all modes. This program is distributed free for personal, noncommercial use.

It should be noted that on this site can be found latitude and longitude of many cities in the world.

Attention! On a separate page, you can perform online conversion of geographical coordinates to UTM, but the program has more options.