You can convert geographic coordinates to UTM online for free on this page. The initial values for conversion are the latitude and longitude, and the results are the values of "Easting" and "Northing". To convert geographic coordinates to UTM, enter the latitude and longitude in the appropriate fields below, then click "GEO to UTM" and read the resulting values in the fields below the button.

Latitude and longitude values can be entered manually, and also can be copied from the Windows clipboard. In the first case the values are entered one per line, rows are separated by pressing "Enter". In the second case, the initial values must be written in the text column, and the rows in the column are also separated by a carriage return (as happens in the usual "Notepad"). If there is only one value, it must also be completed by this symbol.

Latitude and longitude are entered as positive for the northern and eastern hemispheres, and negative for south and west. The values are written like this (for example): 48°12'14.87"
To enter a degree symbol using the key combination of "Alt" +248, typed on the numeric keypad. The single apostrophe (the character with code 39) is used as a symbol of minutes, as a symbol of seconds is used simple quotes (the character with code 34). The value of seconds may contain a fractional part (as in the example).

The values obtained after converting can also be copied to the clipboard and moved to the desired application.

You can also download the free program for converting geographical coordinstes to UTM (it has more features). And if necessary, you can see the geographical coordinates of cities on a special page.

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